Tokyo Train Girls 3: The Sensuous Nurse (2008)

Tokyo Train Girls 3: The Sensuous Nurse (2008)

18+, Drama
73 Min

Super conservative beautiful maiden Asuka Io in her first original video appearance! A new nurse is stripped of her white uniform and is made to experience sexual indignities. Chinatsu Izawa, the gorgeous actress with the beautiful legs, plays the older supervising nurse. The molestation and white uniformed nurse play by the finest actresses will challenge and stimulate the minds of men all over! Enter the decadent world of Asuka Io, the new nurse stripped of her white uniform. Also starring Chinatsu Izawa, the Japanese actress famed for her legs.

The is about a poor girl from the countryside, to Tokyo to work. She go to work in a large hospital. With a passion for this job, she hopes to have a place in the hospital. But things are not as simple as you think! daily by train, often touching her, thunder number. It made her feel very uncomfortable and disgusting.
In the hospital, she was raped management guy. At first she resist, but then, because he wanted to keep the hospital where she spent silence. Is the fate of young nurse would go nowhere?


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Tokyo Train Girls 3: The Sensuous Nurse (2008)Tokyo Train Girls 3: The Sensuous Nurse (2008)
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